Royal Enfield Hunter 350

 Leaked spy images of the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 have just been found and the hullabaloo around this is quite natural!

The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 spied pictures have created a huge hype among its fans!



Royal Enfield has been a leader in the bike industry ever since 1901. The company has always been keen to provide bicycle enthusiasts with a variety of new motorcycles ranging from 350cc to 650cc. The next-generation Hunter 350, has been spotted testing in the roads of India and is expected to be available for sale soon. The company is also developing two new 650cc cruiser motorcycles in parallel. With Royal Enfield testing their 350cc bikes so vigorously, it has become clear that they want to upgrade and expand their market range in this area.


The Hullabaloo around RE Hunter 350


The new 350cc motorcycle is rumored to be called the Royal Enfield Hunter 350, but so far, the company has not issued any official announcements. According to the leaked spy material, the new 350cc RE motorcycle typically mixes the two together- modern and classic motorcycle design. The above vehicles will be based on a similar modular J platform under RE Meteor 350. It has a double tote bag frame and can also be used for a large number of new RE motorcycles including the new generation Classic 350. This has made the fans drool hard and go gaga over the spied pictures of the Hunter 350. The RE Hunter 350 is expected to be for sale in the market sometime in 2022.


Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Design


The design of RE Hunter 350 will be completely different from Meteor 350. The bike is equipped with a teardrop-shaped fuel tank, integrated seat, passenger backrest, and round taillights. It also has short front and rear fenders. The motorcycle is equipped with a front fork cover, a crankcase protection cover, and a chrome-plated headlight cover. It also has an upward-curved exhaust, disc brakes, and short round headlights. The company plans to make some changes to its chassis because the bike will be centered at the position of the footpegs. Thanks to the flat position in the middle and the handlebars, the riding posture of the motorcycle are straight and sporty.


It is expected that the Hunter 350 will share many components and parts with the Meteor 350. Handle, buttons, dashboard with two capsules and a navigation trigger, and two-channel ABS are used similarly like they were in Meteor 350.


The upcoming Royal Enfield Hunter 350 has been spotted being tested on the roads of India!


Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Specs


The new motorcycle is powered by the same 349cc single-cylinder engine. TheRoyal Enfield Hunter 350 also uses the air-cooled OHC design. The output power of the single-cylinder engine is approximately 20.2 hp. The power is 6,100 rpm and the maximum torque is 27 Nm. Power is transmitted to the rear wheels through a six-speed gearbox. The braking system includes a 370 mm front window and a 270 mm rear window. The bike also has a retractable front end and two rear shock absorbers.


The features are now being slowly introduced through spy photos of RE Hunter 350 showing a bike without a Tripper navigation system. However, in this new set of images, the Hunter 350 appears to have a Tripper navigation dial. Royal Enfield seems to have given this child a turning point through the rotating navigation system. Other notable layouts include parts digital and part analog dashboards.


Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Price and Competition

The price of theRE Hunter 350 is expected to be around Rs. 1.7 - 1.8 lakhs. The upcoming Hunter 350 will compete with the 2021 Honda CB350RS (CB250 road navigation) and Jawa 42. Once launched, the competition will be the Honda H'Ness CB350, the Triumph Bajaj motorcycle which is also expected to release during the same time, and the existing Jawa 42.



Although it looks more sporty and is built on the same J platform as the RE Meteor 350, the Hunter 350 seems to advertise a posture very similar to the Royal Enfield Meteor 350. The spied pictures of this upcoming model have created a huge commotion around fans and competitors. The model is going to be out by 2022 and is expected to take Royal Enfield a bit further in the game.




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