Simple Hair Care Routine to protect hair color


Haircare is a vital thing in all of our beauty regimes. Doesn’t matter if you use natural ingredients or clinically tested hair care products, you mustn’t give up on it. Hair Care routine is something that is relative and differs from person to person but some things remain constant like deep conditioning and others. When you use hair color on your hair or bleach it, your hair doesn’t remain virgin. Now, coloring your hair can have a hundred negative impacts on your hair but you can still prevent those by adopting a new hair care routine, specifically designed for color-treated hair. We will talk about many such things here today that you must incorporate in your hair routine after applying hair color to your hair. If you follow these tips then you can surely prevent your hair from the high risk of damage and split-ends.


Let’s get started!


  1. Avoid sulfates:

 Right after color-treating your hair, avoid sulfates. If you want to retain your hair color for a longer period, you have to follow this as a mandate. The products with sulfate in it can be very harsh on your hair color and that is why you must avoid them.


  1. Use a much lower shower temperature:

You can be a big fan of a soothing nice hot shower but right now that's not a cool option for you. Instead, go for a cooler shower so that the water doesn't open up your cuticles which could've induced the hair color to fade away faster. That is why we recommend you take a comparatively cooler shower even if you get a few cold feet. This is much more applicable to those who have red hair color as those colors tend to have larger molecules than others. Having larger molecules hints at the fact that there is a higher risk of your red hair color fading faster. Therefore, do keep the temperature in check, when showering to keep the red riding hood.


  1. Air dry regularly:

Avoid using your blow dryer regularly because that again releases a lot of heat in your hair which fastens the fading speed of your hair color. So, ditch your dryer and go for natural air dry techniques.


  1. Use proper techniques to blow dry your hair:

 If you can't do without a blow dryer throughout the week to style your strands, then make sure you use the right technique. Initially, prep your hair with any hair serum that helps detangle your hair and also protect it from the extra heat. Set your blow dryer to the lowest temperature possible and make sure to keep the dryer a few inches away from your strands as you dry. This easy method will help to minimize the effects of the heat, while still allowing you to dry and style your strands.


  1. Deep condition your hair:

Deep conditioning is something that you can never find a substitute for. Your hair needs some nourishment and the only way to give it what it wants is a good hair mask. It depends on your hair type and what hair mask you could use but something like an avocado or a jojoba mask to keep your hair color healthy, vibrant, long-lasting, and of course shiny.


  1. Use hats:

Vitamin D can be really good for our skin but it’s not at all beneficial for your hair and more so if you color it. Staying out in the sun for a long time can damage your hair color real soon. But that really doesn’t mean that you can never be out in the sun for a long time, so be smart and use some hats.


  1. No hard water:

One of the main reasons that our color can look dull or lackluster is due to a buildup of hard water that can make our hair resistant to holding onto color molecules. Instead of rinsing your hair day every day try using a shower cap or buying a filter for your shower head to avoid the unnecessary buildup. On days that you skip the suds, opt for a dry shampoo to keep your strands oil-free and looking their best.


FAQs about hair color:

How soon can you change your hair color if you don’t like it?

Waiting for four weeks is a mandate in a situation like this but six to seven weeks should be ideal if you really do care about your hair health.

How long should I color treat my hair when I am using hair color?

Thirty- forty-five minutes is the best suited time frame in most cases but for a few brands it can vary. So, what you should be doing, in this case, is, read the instruction manual super carefully.


What happens if you put hair color over hair color?

Well, it is always advisable to not pull off a stunt like that because it can damage your hair a lot. Period. But, if you want to go from a lighter shade to a darker one, then it is still manageable and achievable. The other way round can be a tiff.

Can I use dry shampoo after using hair color?

Don't wash it right away after you get your hair color done. Let the hair color sit for at least twenty-four hours and then you can use it. Dry shampoo can prevent fading of your hair color from fading away due to frequent hair washing.

How do you sleep with newly colored hair?

Make sure that you let your hair dry after hair coloring before you go to bed. In case you cannot afford to invest that much time, you must braid your hair and not leave it in a bun or a ponytail. This can damage your hair further.

Should I wash my hair before applying hair color to it?

Wash your hair for at least twelve- twenty-four hours before using hair color on it. This way your hair will be clean but some oil deposits will also be back in your scalp which will protect it further into the process from any damage. Also, do aggressively scrub your scalp right before coloring your hair because that can cause cuts or scratches on your scalp which will surely sting later when you put the hair color on it.

Does vinegar make hair color last longer?

Yes, it does. Vinegar helps lock your hair cuticles and doesn't let the hair color fade away from your hair strands.

Does global hair color damage hair?

Global hair coloring is not as damaging as adding lighter highlights or pre-lightening your hair. Invest in a good color-locking shampoo and conditioner, and finish off your routine with a mild leave-in conditioner.

What hair color is most damaging?

The most effectively damaging hair color transition is in lightening dark hair, which requires two separate processes, the removal of the original color and the depositing of the new color. After this much chemical meddling, hair is in a significantly weaker state than it was when it started.

These are some of the things that you must keep in your mind post applying hair color to make it last longer. If you're looking out for a good product that can reduce the level of damage caused as much as possible then you must Godrej Expert Rich Creme hair color which is ammonia-free that makes it so fitting and good. This hair color adds nourishment to your hair despite damaging it. Other than that, you can always follow our hacks and tips to get the best results. Happy coloring!

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