Taking Into Consideration Reusable Custom Boxes Packaging


It is my goal statement to "Serve and Protect" as custom boxes Packaging Specialist. The greatest way for me to provide service to my clients is to provide them the most value for their packing budget while also safeguarding their most precious shippable.

Examine the "service" part of my mission statement to see what I'm talking about. There are many options for shipping goods, as well as factors to take into account when determining which packing is most appropriate for your particular requirements.

A corrugated box packed with shipping peanuts to protect the unit inside would be an example of a product that would be used just once in a shipment. Crates made of wood are another option.

Reusable Custom Boxes Packaging

The chief of procurement of a firm that delivers hard drives to and from movie theaters was in my office a few years ago, and we were discussing business. The hard disks held the exact movie that you would view if you went to the theater to see it.

The procurement professional began by declaring, in a confident tone, "We just need the most basic of packages. We do not need a bundle of military-grade components."

During our conversation, I wish to know how many times a normal case will come to me in a year. He was saying that they were able to send thousands of films to thousands of theaters and that the packages are constantly available in the market.

He was able to show me that each item was probably delivered once a week, according to his calculations. The business would provide fresh movie hard drives to different theaters, and the cinemas would return the hard drives from films that were no longer showing.


I was able to show the head of procurement that they may get the damage. They were strong, which means that a shipping worker can easily throw the case into and off of a truck without any difficulty.

I explained to him that a case sold to the military usually sits in a warehouse for months – or even years – before being transported to a deployment site after it has been received. I can save them for months at a time. He discovered that a military-grade casing was precisely what he required.

He was denying me, and he ended up buying thousands of boxes for one-time shipments. The project was reassigned six months later to a new procurement manager. He subsequently admitted that her organization had made a mistake and apologized to us.

There were a number of problems. In order to build boxes, they were paying money for labor. The theaters may show dissatisfaction with the amount of shipping bubble wrap and peanuts. Hundreds of hard drives were ruined as a result of this procedure.

You can imagine the stress this business placed on itself as well as the theaters that had scheduled fresh movie releases only to get a hard drive that was broken and would not play the movies.

At the conclusion of the process, we placed them in the proper custom cardboard boxes packaging, which was an injection-molded container with a bespoke cushion.

Factors for the Best Packaging

When determining the greatest value for your packaging project, there are four important factors to consider:

  1. The size of the unit/package
  2. The unit's susceptibility to failure.
  3. The unit's purchase price
  4. The manner through which they deliver the items.

The cost of the unit is the most straightforward of the four variables to determine. If you are delivering a $50 item as opposed to a $10,000 unit, you will most certainly take a different approach to the ship. The cost of a unit, as well as the fragility of the unit, should be considered. WOULD YOU put your faith in a corrugated cardboard box with shipping peanuts? Will it protect a valuable and delicate item during a long-distance shipping trip across the country?

 Would water have an impact on electronic devices such as televisions, stereos, and laptops? If this is the case, you may want to think about using air and water-tight container.

You should also account for the possibility of downtime if the device may get any damage during shipping. When a broken unit is left idle while you either have to replace it completely or pay for repairs, how much will it cost you in lost productivity?

People I know who were delivering hard drives to movie theaters can tell you that the cost of the hard drive was little in comparison to the expenses with the downtime.

Successful Packaging Methods

The following is the shipping method for the unit:

This may be the most difficult of the four variables to manage. Specifically, there are four questions to examine in this field:

  • What method will you use to send the package?
  • How many times are you planning to ship?
  • Is there a mechanism in place to ensure that the package can return?
  • What method will you use to send the package?

There are many options for shipping a unit. It's possible that you'll be taking it on an aircraft yourself. Alternatively, it may be in the trunk of a salesperson's car.

Alternatively, you may need to send the item through regular ground transportation in custom boxes. Depending on the circumstances, your shipment may most likely start and halt at a few different transfer points.

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