Things to Keep in Mind When Fishing on a Kayak

 Few things compare to the feeling of quietly drifting across the waters to a secluded area only a few others know about while keeping an eye out for any movement on the surface that might indicate the presence of large fish. As such, using a fishing kayak has become popular due to scenes like this. And the ability to visit areas where motorboats can’t, combined with the accessibility of kayaking, along with the combination of several facets of outdoor leisure, are significant lures for seasoned anglers and beginners alike. 

Kayaking may appear intimidating at first due to the large range of gear options and the steep learning curves. But once you get started, you’ll realise that it is among the most accessible hobbies available. And to get you started here is some fundamental kayak fishing advice:

Fishing Kayaks for Beginners

Your own kayak is the best fishing kayak. And with that stated, the engineering and layout created for fishing kayaks have advanced significantly in recent years. As such, finding a boat that has been rigged for fishing will provide you with a more amazing experience and provide infinite possibilities for your new hobby. So, here are some characteristics to consider in a fishing kayak that’ll be useful on the water:

  • Enhanced field of sight and all-day comfort with an elevated seat position.

  • Several rod holders.

  • Holder for paddles.

  • A dry hatch.

  • Deck storage.

  • GPS/fishfinder mount.

  • Power propeller with a retractable pedal.

Selecting Paddles

Choosing the right paddles is as important as choosing a kayak. And when it comes to paddles, you want something to skim the water easily but not so long that it becomes unmanageable. So, the suggested length is determined by a formula that considers the boat width, your height, and paddling technique, but for most individuals, 250 cm is a decent starting point.

Personal Flotation Device

Wear a PFD, aka a life jacket, at all times while kayak fishing. And they do also provide advantages beyond just keeping you afloat. For instance, PFDs made for kayak fishing are constructed with large compartments that suit small tackle boxes nicely, reducing the need to draw to unstrap, shore, and sift through a hefty tackle box.

Suitable Clothing

One of the best aspects of kayak fishing is how intimate you can get with nature. Because of the exposure to nature, it’s also important to dress appropriately. And if you’re fishing in open locations where the sun and heat are strong, consider wearing a light full-sleeved shirt, sunglasses and hat, to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Besides, to add to your protection, go for neck gaiters, lightweight shell pants, and gloves. Another fantastic approach to staying cool is soaking any of your clothes in water and then putting them back on. Also, remember to bring a drink and sunscreen.

A day in the tropical heat isn’t for everyone. Meanwhile, many people are exposed to the cold, either in the air or water. And, even though the temperature outside is nice, prolonged exposure to cold water might cause hypothermia. Hence, a wetsuit is a long-lasting and cost-effective way to stay warm, and it may be coupled with a shell coat for added wind protection. Also, wear proper layers, such as synthetic material like polypropylene or wool, as well as a water-repellent shell, at the absolute least.

Remember that kayak fishing is a hobby that lasts a lifetime, and the most valuable lessons will come from personal experience. The kayaking community is also friendly, and many seasoned paddle anglers are interested in sharing what they’ve learned. So, to put it another way, go and catch some fish!

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