What is the difference between super top-up and top-up health insurance?

 If you have good health, you can consider yourself among the fortunate ones. These days, most people complain about the lifestyle diseases that they have developed. And the current pandemic situation has made it even worse. So many people contracted the virus and had to be hospitalized because of this. While we can get treatment for almost all illnesses and medical conditions, it may take a lot of money. Since most of us are burdened with several responsibilities, we are not always ready with the kind of funds for the treatment, especially if it is an emergency case. This is why purchasing health insurance at the earliest is so important.

However, when you are buying a health insurance policy, you need to make sure that you get good coverage since the treatments these days are very expensive. Buying several health insurance policies will lead to paying high and many premiums. This is why you should get an add-on policy cover like super top-up health insurance. These plans will cover your expense even when the base health insurance policy is exhausted. Now if you are getting confused between super top-up and top-up health insurance, here we explain it to you.

Top-up in health insurance

When you have a top-up health insurance policy, you will be able to get additional coverage above the pre-determined threshold limit. This means, in case the coverage of the base health insurance policy is exhausted, the coverage of the top-up policy will be there to provide you the right support. For example, you have a top-up plan that provides coverage of INR 5 lakh, which will help you with the coverage once your base health insurance policy of INR 5 lakh coverage is exhausted. If your claim amount is INR 7 lakh, you will get coverage of INR 2 lakh only from your top-up health insurance policy.

Super top-up health insurance

A super top-up health insurance plan works on the amount of one whole year. It does not consider individual cases. For example, if you have two medical bills of INR 3,5 lakh each, you will be able to avail of the coverage of INR 2 lakh. The rest of the INR 5 lakh can be availed from the base health insurance policy. Therefore, it can be said that with a super top-up health insurance policy we can enjoy an extra safety cover for the finances. 

Significance of purchasing super top-up and top-up health insurance

Mentioned below are some of the reasons that justify getting super top-up and top-up health insurance.

Increasing healthcare expenses

We all know that healthcare expenses are rising almost every year. This clearly shows that you require a comprehensive health insurance policy that provides a higher sum insured as compared to a regular health insurance policy. Make sure you get the option of including a top-up or a super top-up plan to will give you the benefit especially when you exhaust the sum insured.

Higher sum insured

As compared to the base health insurance policies, you will get a higher sum insured by paying a lesser premium.

Higher coverage for senior citizens

This is quite suitable even for the senior citizens also since they get extensive coverage by paying lesser health insurance premiums.

An extra benefit to the existing plan

If we compare the top-up or super top-up health insurance plan with the regular health insurance plan, we can find that the former provides extra coverage during emergencies. 

Now if you want to find the top-up and super top-up health insurance plans, you can visit the IIFL website. You can come across several health insurance plans and add-on covers that can prove to be beneficial for you.