What Kind of Paint to Use on "Crocs"


If you are not fond of green, then you can avoid this color. By painting your Crocs with green paint, it will always be the same green color. Your style is intact, just like you didn't change the color of your shoes, For better look you can add extra crocs charms.

However, it does not mean you have to paint all your Crocs with green paint. If you do not like green, you can just paint your Crocs with any color.

If you want to change the color of your Crocs to a more vibrant color, then you can paint them with white, pink, black or any other color. You can also paint your Crocs with stripes and swirls, to create a different pattern.

The color of your paint can be a completely different color. For example, you can paint them with silver paint. It will add a glamorous touch to the Crocs, as it reflects light differently.


The material you will use for painting the shoes will determine the quality of the color you will get. Some people prefer the look of spray-painted shoes. This is good for those who are not handy with the brush or paint. However, spray-painted shoes may not last forever. It is better to use regular, solid, colored shoes for this project. You can get any of the solid colored shoes that are suitable for this purpose from a shoe store.

Applying the Paint

You will need to apply the paint to the shoes at least an hour before you go out for a while. You will do this by taking a disposable paint brush or a paint pan and coat the shoes with the paint. When you take off the shoes later, the paint should be no longer on the bottom part of the shoe.

Try to avoid getting paint on your shoes.

Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints offer a lot of freedom to the artist. You can put on any color, which you want, and it does not matter if it is circular or irregular. However, acrylic paint does not come in many varieties. Therefore, you must get the best quality of acrylic paint to create beautiful designs.

Stainless Steel Spray Paint

Stainless steel spray paint is similar to acrylics but is non-toxic. You can apply it on any color you like but it may not stay as long. However, it can be painted on smooth surfaces, unlike acrylics.

Paintable Laminating Paints

Paintable laminating paints are available in a number of types, including solids, textures and patterns. They come in different finishes and can be used in a wide range of artworks.

Fabric Paints

Crocs can be dyed using any fabric paint. You can dye them using satin or velvety fabrics. The new fabric paints available on the market are of excellent quality and give a vibrant appearance to your Crocs. This is why they are used for embroidery and clothing too. When you paint them with fabrics, they will appear in a shimmery color.

Stain Paints

Using stain paint on Crocs is a common process. You can buy them from the local paint store. You can put on any color of the rainbow. For instance, if you have not previously painted your shoes in red, then paint them in red with a coat of stain paint. You may have to brush on some of the stain to give the color a more vibrant look. When you are done, you may wipe off the paint using a sponge or a cloth.


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