Buy Front Load Washing Machines Online at Best Prices in India

Buy Front Load Washing Machines Online at Best Prices in India

Buying a washing machine is not an easy task and requires a complete internet analysis to pick out the best product for your home. The models of washing machines produced by different brands across the globe vary according to the needs of individual consumers. 

When compared to the top load washing machines, the front load washing machine offers you an enhanced and quick washing routine because of its built. It is designed in a way to consume very less amount to wash your clothes. The power consumed by these front load machines is also minimal, which helps you save a lot of money that is spent on electricity charges. 

In this article, we have mentioned some of the latest front load washing machine models that you can buy online at the best prices in India. 

Washing Machine, 6 Kg, 5 Star with front loading, (Diva Aqua SX, Silver, with Express wash)

This fully automatic front load model is the best thing you can buy in the market. It offers a high clean washing routine accompanied by a quick drying process. The capacity of 6 kg is ideally suitable for bachelors & couples. 

It also comes with a 5-star energy efficiency feature which renders effective power saving. The tri-shield protection helps in making this model the best washing machine. The 800-rpm spin speed, along with the 8 washing modes of this model, make sure your clothes are dried in a minimum amount of time. The crescent moon drum of this front load washing machine ensures soundless operation. 

Full-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine, Samsung WW 60R20 GLASS/TL, 6.0 kg, five stars, silver, with hygienic steam.

One of the most popular washing machine models produced by Samsung is this variant. It comes with a 1000 rpm speed which is capable of rendering instant dried clothes after the washing process. The ten washing programs offer you the choice to switch between schedules.

These models are notable for their diamond steel drums, hygiene steam wash, digital inverter technology, and 5-star energy efficiency rating.It is one of the best front load washing machine models you can buy online at the best price. Many models of the front load machines are available in the market, although this one is worthy of the money you pay for it. 

FHM1208ZDL, luxury silver, direct drive technology, 8.0 kg Washing Machine with 5 Star Inverter (FHM1208ZDL, 5 Star Inverter, Front Loading) from LG.

The LG washing machine model has a wide 8kg capacity that is perfectly suitable for wide large-scale families with 6 to members. It also has a five-star energy rating which offers maximum energy efficiency. 

Using Motion Direct Drive technology, the wash drum moves in different directions, providing the fabrics with the right care and keeping clothes ultra-clean. The ten washing programs, along with the 1200 rpm speed, helps in a faster drying mechanism. This front load washing machine is an effective model that sells for Rs. 32,490.  

Washing Machine (WAJ2846SIN, Silver) by Bosch, 8 Kg Fully Automatic Back Load Washer

An acclaimed international brand that is known for its quality in the Indian market is the Bosch washing machine. It comes in a silver finish and has buttons for human interference. The fantastic spin speed of 1400 rpm works excellently in drying clothes. 

The EcoSilence Drive friction-free motor minimises heat and offers long-lasting performance with the quick wash routine. This front load washing machine is the perfect choice if you have an extended family with more members. 

Silver Hisense 6.0 kg Front Loading Fully-Automatic Washing Machine (WFV 6010 MS with Steam Wash and Built-In Heater), the silver model 

This wonderful fully automatic washing machine is incorporated with advanced technologies like Anti-allergy spin and baby care mode. It also comes with 15 wash programs for the benefit of the users. Having a capacity of 6kg, this machine is the ideal choice for nuclear to small families. 

The snowflake drum offers extensive and quality function. The smart diagnosis feature of the machine ensures that it renders long-lasting and effective performance in washing and drying the clothes. This front load washing machine has 1000 rpm, which is great for quick drying of the washed clothes.  

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