How to construct an Electric Open fireplace? DO IT YOURSELF

Several several years ago, I ordered this pre-made electric fireplace for typically the basement. The downstairs room has no home heating system, and considering we aren’t along there much, an electric fireplace was initially obviously a good solution.

It temperatures the room very well, adds ambiance, together with a cozied-up, commonly cold basement. 

Approximately we love the look of typically the electric fireplace, we always wanted to develop a more long-lasting aesthetic that would certainly add value in order to our home. In addition, we decided in order to renovate the basements with a brand new fireplace surround. Hold out until the thing is just how we upgraded a new pre-made electric fireplace to a listing fireplace!

About Slate-ish

Inside my search regarding different products in order to use on the particular new fireplace encircle, I discovered this WONDERFUL product to employ on the fireplace that you have got to check out there!

Slate-ish is manufactured in America coming from scrap paper-composite supplies. These solid key laminates are manufactured from layers regarding paper and botanical, which are warmed and pressed.

This gets in something like 20 different colors, along with peel and adhere or lose parts.

For this task, our company is using the particular loose pieces inside Graphite 2 . not zero.

Supplies Necessary to Create This Electric Fireplace DIY

  • Electric Fireplace Insert (Ours is usually 20”x30”)

  • (12) 2×4’s

  • 8D Toenails

  • (3) Sheets of Drywall

  • 1. 25” Drywall Screws

  • Stage

  • Sludge hammer

  • Ruler

  • Electric electric screwdriver

  • Power Drill

  • Chop Saw

  • Oscillating Saw

  • Felines Paw

  • Mantle of the choosing

How in order to Build a power Fireplace DIY

For the particular fireplace, we disassembled the pre-made electric powered fireplace to deprive it down in order to only put in. There are several different sizes regarding electric fireplace inserts available unless a person already has a single. I would recommend that an individual have to build knowledge before attempting to be able to make this job.

NOTE: Every residence is different. Measurements of rooms, threshold height, etc. are not going to be identical from home to be able to home. When next this DIY, pass the measurements to your home and electric power fireplace insert.

  • Determine the electric open fireplace and site in which you won't typically the fireside.

  • Frame out there the walls regarding the surround using the measurement of typically the electric fireplace put. Ours is 20”x30”.

  • Cut 2 ~ 2×4’s 5ft span to the top and even bottom plates regarding the front wall structure.

  • Cut 4 ~ 2×4’s that symbolize your floor to be able to ceiling height.

  • About the ground, fingernail the base plates on the taller 2×4’s.

  • Then nail typically the top plate on the taller 2×4’s.

  • Then pick-up the wall and fingernail it into the button's place.

  • Cut some pieces of 2×4 to 1ft plans.

  • Cut 4, even more, 2×4’s to the floor to threshold height.

  • Nail typically the two short 2×4’s to 2 extra tall 2×4’s twice. These kinds of are your sidewalls.

  • Put the sidewalls in place. Fingernail typically into the studs and floors.

  • Then nail typically the sidewalls for the front wall, ensuring it is straight and level.

  • Reduce 2- 2×4’s the particular width of your own electric fireplace place.

  • Then nail all of them into place with regard to the height of the electric fireplace place.

(Optional: we added a television group and blocked more than a fireplace. In case you decide to put in television as well, you’ll need to cut additional 2×4’s to support this particular we did).

Following the Electric Fireplace DO-IT-YOURSELF

We love the particular look of the particular new fireplace plus can’t wait in order to use it this winter season once the New Shirt temps drop.

Doesn't Slate-ish look good on the particular fireplace too?

We love the appearance plus even though the particular corners were actually tough to perform, all of us are happy along with the end result. After operating with Slate-ish, this would also appear amazing on a good accent wall plus be simpler to set up.

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