Top 10 Bucks Party Ideas Melbourne

Organizing a striving bucks party in Melbourne might seem like an easy thing to do because you know what your friend likes. However, the key is to set up a memorable event for your best mate and make it a night to remember. Besides drinking plenty of beer, visiting fabulous clubs around Melbourne, there are other invigorating things the lads can do at a bucks party. Check them out!

1. Dwell into the brewery tour

No lad could say not to go around awesome breweries around Melbourne. If your bucks love craft beer, mouth-watering burgers, and cool rock and roll tunes, he would surely love this idea. There are fantastic breweries in Melbourn to visit such as Moon Dog, Thunder Road, Mountain Goat, and many more. Only make sure that you appoint a driver as you would be pretty tipsy, to say the least. 

2. Check out some alluring strip clubs

Let’s face it, strip clubs and bucks parties simply cannot go one without another. And luckily there are some dazzling and luxury Melbourne brothels to check out which won’t leave you disappointed. On the contrary, all the lads would be in for a real treat, especially the groom-to-be. All the lads would be able to watch gorgeous girls dancing while enjoying fine whisky. Brothels in Melbourne are more than strip clubs, they offer a one-of-a-kind experience that is a must at a bucks party.

3. Organize a memorable poker night

Some lads are keener on having a great laugh while enjoying an enticing game of poker. If you know that the future groom is more into a classy and sprucing poker night, then you should visit one of the entertaining casinos around Melbourne. From the range of games and plenty of booze and soothing music, the closest mates could even arrange some topless dealer to spice things up.

4. Try an amazing boat cruise

Go on a flabbergasting boat cruise designated solely for the bucks party. This means nude waitresses, strippers, all-you-can-eat and drink, and the best thing is that you won't have to worry about how you would get home. Bucks party boat cruise is the perfect solution if you want to have a blast, plus it's quite lucrative. The boat cruises around Dockland or Yarra River, and all of the gays would have enough to sober up before returning to "reality".

5. Get the rush to the blood with fierce paintball adventure

Something for the adventuresome mates – a real, kick-ass paintball party! Gather all the mates, gear up with cool guns and other accessories, and hit the field to do some “friendly” fight! Sweat, blood, tears, this is how some people envision their bucks party to be.

6. Go-Karts 

Now for a totally out-of-the-ordinary idea, but quite popular in Melbourne. Go-karts at a bucks party represent a fun and active way to start the "real" party. This is something enticing for the adrenaline junkies to kick start the day, or party, and get the much-needed competitive juices flowing. No mate would say no to a chance to beat his best friends. 

7. A game day

Games, girls, booze, and a lot of fun! Organize a vigorous party from dusk till dawn by playing "man" games throughout the day, and then lose control in the night. For a reasonable price, you can get a great deal in some of Melbourne's finest arcade rooms. Table tennis, beer pong, pinball, horizontal bungee, sexy hostesses, and endless drinks and food. At night, if you manage to survive the day, you could go bowling, sumo, or try out a mechanical bull.

8. Hop on a bus

Photo by Hobi industri on Unsplash

Don't get settled in one place, and party all night long all around Melbourne. Hire a fun pimped-out bus for the bucks party and hit the party on the road. Visit pub after pub, and never rest. This idea is not for the plain-hearted as you would need to emerge in new celebrations with every new stop.

9. A classy whisky tasting

Take your bucks whisky tasting at the Black Pearl in Fitzroy and enjoy a truly unique and sophisticated party. You would have a remarkable opportunity to learn the history and improve your knowledge of this elegant beverage. Plus, you would be able to try various signature whiskies and start the night with a class.

 10. Ease off with a game of golf

Golf and drinks don't go hand in hand, or do they? Organize fun and unforgettable outdoor bucks party on a golf course. Imagine a day full of drinks, laughter, girls (yes, girls!), and golf. Sexy ladies would be accompanying your gang along the course to assist you with the drinks and gaming, so you could have all your heart desires.

Melbourne has many things to offer for a grandiose bucks party – so having a blast is guaranteed!

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