Why does Aleph Website build great websites at low prices?

Today we are joined with Aleph Website, a web design agency in New York, to talk a little about why they provide such excellent web design and web development services to small business owners and entrepreneurs at such low prices and rates. It almost is absurd how cheap these top-quality websites they’ve built their customers. It makes us wonder hard about what and why is happening behind closed doors?

So finally had the chance to get a response back, and here is what the manager told us:

“Aleph Website is not our first company we’ve built. We have had three companies before this one. Each company we built was designed to help people achieve their goals and provide the core service always cheaper than everyone else! 

It was never our intention to shift to web design and web development, as we were simply focusing on marketing solutions rather than web solutions. However, owning a small business ourselves, we have realized how painful it is to have a really good website that can do all the marketing, sales and operative tasks that a small business owner simply cannot achieve on his/her own! This led us to looking for web designers and agencies so we can get our website that we so desperately need. Our journey, we went back and forth, talking to many people. We couldn’t find a single vendor that was reliable and cheap. These quasi professionals and scammy agencies seem to be present everywhere. Finally, we decided to QUIT looking for designers and agencies to help us out. Instead, we hired a developer and trained a designer to do the job inhouse.

Months later, we started getting calls from people, all around the world, inquiring for web design and development services. It was then and there that we realized we were sitting on gold all along and we didn’t know it because we were so focused on our ‘actual’ business that we forgot what we initially stood for.

And that’s that: We help small business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their goals at the lowest price possible!

So, just like that, we left all our ventures and businesses, to master web design and development - so we can help entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve their web goals, win traffic, increase profits and build the digital identity that they see fit!

Our Web Design company Aleph Website then came into existence. We formed a small team of 1 developer, 1 designer and 1 SEO specialist. That was it! 

Between the three of us, we can create amazing websites, understand our clients’ needs, and stay with the client to ensure their online success! 

By reducing the company size down to only 3 (we never grew!) We are able to deliver top-class services at an incredibly low rate. That’s our secret.

FInally, we’d like to make a statement: none of this would be possible without wordpress. Wordpress has enabled us to build amazing tools, gadgets, web pages, and various functionalities. WordPress is incredibly reliable, fast and has everything under one umbrella!”

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