Getting customized packaging for the upcoming New Year corporate gifts

Showing appreciation to the people who buy your products and those who run your daily operations will always contribute positively in the long term, whether you're in the industry of selling clothes or beauty items or a corporation growing its services and employing 50 to hundreds of people.

The stats aren't deceiving. 89 percent of respondents believe that company gifts bring individuals closer together, according to Knack's Business Gifting Strategy Report. The response of C-suite executives to presents is equally noteworthy: they are twice as likely to recall a story after receiving the box.

The emotional impact lays the groundwork for repeat purchases, enhanced collaborations, and increased employee engagement: 77 percent of corporate gift recipients say they feel appreciated. 83 percent agree that "company presents provide measurable positive ROI" in terms of profit and bankability.

So, if you're preparing New Year corporate gifts, I'll share with you some things to think about while choosing customised packaging to use as a presentation, as well as some suggestions for the best custom boxes in Singapore to consider.

How to Choose the Right Corporate Gift Box

The following are some things to think about while choosing the ideal customized packaging for your upcoming New Year corporate gifts. 

Keep in mind the goal.

Corporate gifts have a habit of being forgotten and dismissed quickly. A corporate gift usually conjures up images of an overabundance of promotional things with no long-term utility than a tabletop showpiece or company-branded property.

However, if well considered, a corporate gift may be an effective method to assist a company's growth, strengthen professional ties, and offer your brand a distinct character.

As important as choosing a top-of-the-line gift that is useful and will remain in the receiver's mind for a long time, the manner you package the gift is equally crucial.

If the initial stage in corporate gifting, the packaging is given significant weight, the gift is almost certain to be favourably received. A fragile, unimpressive, or uninteresting gift pack or box will not entice the receiver to unwrap the item.

Themed packaging, such as for a company's annual day, a festive occasion, or a holiday like Christmas, or packaging that serves a promotional or branding purpose, ensures that the quality and presentation of the gifts are at least as valuable as the gifts, thereby acting as gateways to gaining new clients or associates.

Think about useful items.

Corporate gifting is no more a luxury but rather a need that must be followed to improve a company's market image, create emotional and positive brand imagery, build goodwill, and establish connections. 

In order to achieve this goal, the way the presents are packaged must be checked for quality. A thoughtfully designed gift demonstrates your concern for your consumers and staff, as well as the company's overall worth.

If you're giving ties or scarves as a gift, they should be placed in an appropriate accessories box packaging design and then wrapped in wrapping paper with the company's emblem and a ribbon on top.

Gift bags are useful for several gifts since they allow each item to be wrapped separately and then placed inside the bag, making them quick and simple to use. A bow can be tied on the handle with complementary patterned tissue paper.

Giftware boxes are an excellent packing option since they come in a wide range of sizes and thus making them suitable for nearly any type of gourmet food, branded mugs, sippers, ornaments, tableware, or other present items. They may be embellished with decorative ribbons.

Customized packaging that is professional, practical, and creative

It is beneficial to be original and creative in all aspects of your business. You can even use your gift packaging for advertising your business and the story behind your items. Consider your packaging as an additional form of brand marketing.

So, when it comes to gift wrapping, go outside the box and choose materials that reflect your product or company's thought process. Instead of choosing bright colors or chaotic patterns in your present box, it should complement your gift or product.

 Your products' visual appeal and messages should be constant. When addressing your colleagues, associates, or clients, they are grammatically proper; yet, be a little more artistic and substantive when it comes to packaging.

When labeling or utilizing tags, be practical and attempt to use renewable packing materials that are also cost-effective. In addition to present wrapping, think about how to safeguard your items! Even if it's in its box, make sure your gift item is accessible.

Customized packaging for incoming corporate presents for the New Year

From papercarpenter, here are some of the customized packaging options for your forthcoming New Year corporate gifts. You must request that the design box or any other details you require to be included in the boxes.

Folding Rigid Box

Rigid boxes, made of fine paperboard, are the best option for wrapping corporate gifts. The material is a high-quality thick paper, and boxes made of it are available in various sizes and colors.

These boxes can be embossed, laminated, UV coated, varnished, and stamped with high-quality inks. They can be personalized with the corporate logo and tailored specifically for you. For rigid boxes, the minimum order quantity is 100 pieces, and each one is thoroughly examined before being delivered.

Boxes for Gift Products

The designer gift boxes are customized, adorned with premium, fancy or vibrant printed papers and ribbons ideal for corporate gift packaging. They can be used for chocolates, dry fruits, and many other assorted gift items and come in various designs and shapes such as square, triangle, rectangular, and hexagonal. The minimum order quantity for each size is 200 boxes.

Premium Designer Gift Box

These premium gift boxes are elegantly designed, highly lightweight, and simple to handle, with high durability and correct styling. They are made with premium-grade raw material and state-of-the-art creating techniques.

The boxes are available in various sizes, shapes, and dimensions, as well as brilliant colors, tamper-proof packaging, and moisture-resistant characteristics, all at a reasonable cost. These boxes can also be embossed or gloss laminated.

Boxes for candles

In recent years, scent candles have been a popular gift option for both individuals and businesses. These handcrafted and elegant metal candle boxes provide a strong and durable candle gift box.

Metal tins are a time-honored packaging solution that is both functional and customizable. There are a variety of diverse and printed decorative containers available to meet your needs, with printing effects such as embossing, stone finish, and wrinkled appearance.

Boxes of Chocolate

Chocolates as corporate presents can serve as a show of appreciation for your client's business or your workers' valuable services while also building brand awareness.

There are many printed and diverse chocolate boxes that may be personalized here; all of them are constructed of high-quality materials. 

The box sizes range from two to eight items, with various customized configurations available. The cost of each box varies depending on its size and chocolate arrangement.

Flat boxes

Choose from a wide assortment of excellent hard boxes in various shapes and sizes that may be designed as flat boxes for a wide range of gift products. 

Whether it's an offset printed box with a screen-printed logo, UV printing, foil stamping, or lamination, or boxes with/without transparent window lids, we've got you covered.

You can personalize the boxes to your satisfaction and choose from various shapes such as round, magnet, book, regular rectangle, photo frame type, hexagonal three tiers, oval, or square. You can also go green by using recycled or FSC-certified paper in your boxes.

Customized Handcrafted Boxes

These custom boxes singapore, made of hardwood; paperboard, can be customized in color and size, ranging from 8" to 3", and can have your corporate logo digitally printed on them.

Depending on stock availability and design specifications, the minimum order quantity for each type/size of the box varies. 

Embroidery Gift Box

These gift boxes are lightwood and hand-embroidered boxes with textiles of satin, jute, velvet, and appealing zari, silk thread, or beadwork, designed with both traditional and modern patterns in mind.

 These boxes may be used for a range of corporate gift products and come in a number of sizes. They are available at various rates and can be ordered from a papercarpenter.

Kraft Cardboard Drawer Box 

Kraft Cardboard Drawer Box is greyboard with coated paper, CMYK full color, and Pantone color printing characteristics, and matt lamination make this kraft cardboard box a custom gift wrapping box for a corporate gifting solution.

Color, shape, and paper may all be customized with the corporate logo, and the box can be used for a range of present products. Embossing, foil stamping, glitter, debossed effect, matt & gloss finish are some surface methods employed in the box's design.

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