What Is Aghanim’s Labyrinth: The Continuum Conundrum

In addition to its usual gameplay modes, Dota 2 makes frequent use of special event modes to break up the routine. The original Aghanim’s Labyrinth was one such mode. It was available for a few months in 2020 and let a group of players complete runs in a dungeon to collect special rewards. The Continuum Conundrum is the sequel to that popular event. Introduced in December 2021 as part of a special Battle Pass, it is set to run until February 23. While its core design remains the same, much of the content has been refreshed. There are also brand-new rewards to claim. Read on to learn more about this mode!

How Does The Mode Work?

Like the previous version of Aghanim’s Labyrinth, the Continuum Conundrum pits a squad of four players against a sprawling PvE dungeon. This squad can be premade or assembled through matchmaking. Their goal is to fight your way through 17 rooms and defeat the final boss. Players can step into the shoes of 14 heroes for this mode. While the characters are all taken from the main game, their abilities have been tweaked or sometimes outright replaced. Each hero has several lives and resurrects automatically after a short period or when the room is cleared. The run can come to an early end if all players are dead and without baclup lives.

The dungeon has a pool of room types, each with its own enemies, rewards, and unique mechanics. For example, one room requires to pick off balloons with gold using boomerangs while evading flying bombs. The gold would then be useful in later rooms. Some rooms also contain mini-bosses. Killing them results in superior mechanical rewards. The actual rooms that show up and the order in which they do so is random to ensure greater replayability. That makes it difficult to plan your run ahead, making a well-balanced party prepared for a variety of circumstances generally preferable to a more specialist group. Additionally, there are five difficulty levels for those who seek a greater challenge.

You do not need to own the Battle Pass to play. However, Battle Pass owners will be able to use Arcane Fragments, a currency collected by playing the mode, to unlock Blessings. Blessings include access to the original 15 Aghanim’s Labyrinth characters, although they may also be acquired by progressing in the Battle Pass. Other than that, Blessings provide mechanical bonuses that carry over to future runs. All players also receive different types of shards during play. Common and Elite Shards raise ability stats, whereas Legendary Shards offer groundbreaking changes to existing powers or the addition of wholly new ones. You get to choose between three random upgrades with each of the latter.

What Rewards Can You Get?

In addition to bonuses that help you in the mode itself, the Continuum Conundrum offers a chance to acquire exclusive cosmetics. By progressing through the event’s Battle Pass, contenders can unlock extensive unique cosmetic sets for Mirana, Drow Ranger, and Hoodwink. Treasures present an opportunity to catch up on many other collections. Continuum Conundrum runs are a reliable source of Battle Pass points, allowing you to reach the desired reward tiers quicker. Furthermore, you can earn extra points by defeating the final boss on different difficulty levels.

In Conclusion

Aghanim’s Labyrinth has proven itself to be an excellent opportunity to take a break from the Dota 2 routine while still progressing in the game. The Continuum Conandrum is a worthy successor to the original. It kept its formula intact while introducing a new boss, enemies, room types, and rewards. It can be fun and rewarding. However, not everyone has the time or the inclination for this kind of challenge, especially considering that its end date is not so far away. You need not miss out on anything, though. Purchase CakeBoost’s Dota boost services, and you will assuredly get what you want out of this event.

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