Where is the best nightlife in Melbourne?

Melbourne has been tagged as one of the most livable and attractive places in the world, and its bustling nightlife contributes to this reputation. After all, it’s one of the world’s top party cities. If you want to have a wonderful night out, there are few cities that offer more than Melbourne. Here are some of the best nightlife venues in the city and what they offer.

New Guernica

If you’re looking for a nightclub, there are few that can compare to New Guernica. This long-standing champion of the nightclub scene is one of the best places for a night out in Melbourne. It’s the longest-running, non-commercial club of its kind, and it’s been a robust dancing experience since it came onto the scene.

There’s a wide variety of drink and party choices, and the venue space is available for specific celebrations.

Party Higher

If you want a more unique and tailor-made party experience, Party Higher might just be the club for you. It’s one of Melbourne’s best silent discos, and the company specializes in headphone entertainment systems.

If you want to participate in interactive games and give everyone a unique listening experience, a silent disco is the way to go. Party Higher provides a fun party experience for crowds of all ages. Whether you’re organizing a kid’s birthday party or a boy’s night out, you can count on Party Higher’s special atmosphere to keep everyone entertained.

Boilermaker House

For a chill and relaxed night out, Boilermaker House is the ideal choice. It’s one of Melbourne’s top late-night diners, and it’s the holy temple for all beer and whiskey lovers in the city. It’s located smack dab in the middle of the busy city, and it offers a wide variety of delicious plates and liquors that will satisfy anyone’s needs.

If you want to get a meal and enjoy a late-night social gathering, there are few options that can compare to Boilermaker House. Among its delicacies, you’ll find charcuterie plates, cheese boards, maple-glazed banana chips, prosciutto-topped toast, and much more.


For those that lean on the artsy side, Melbourne’s Fitzroy area might just do the trick. This part of the bustling city is filled with interesting, alternative music venues. It caters to a younger crowd and features great prices for a place that’s chock-full of great alternative parties.

With lots of artistic expression and graffiti all over the place, anyone looking for a Bohemian style place will feel right at home in Fitzroy.

The Toff in Town

Craving a little romance and relaxation with a side of Thai food? There are plenty of options, but few can compare to the Toff in Town. It’s a wonderful venue that features a chill ambience, live music, and delicious food.

It features cozy, private areas that allow you to enjoy your food in peace, while also marveling at the relaxing atmosphere. It’s wonderful for a romantic night out with your partner, especially if you want great food and a show!

The Harem Palace

Photo by Ern Gan on Unsplash

For a night out on the wild side, Harem might just be the ideal choice. It’s Melbourne's most reputable and attractive brothel and escort agency. Whether you want to have fun inside the brother or set up a date somewhere else, you can count on Harem to provide a wonderful nightlife experience.

The Harem Palace is considered the cream of the crop of reputable Melbourne brothels, and it didn’t earn its reputation for nothing. The venue is nothing short of pure luxury, and their service is impeccable. If you’re aiming for a more sensual and attractive night out, it’s hard to beat The Harem Palace.


On the same note, another wild location for a night out is Kittens. The name is well-known throughout Victoria as one of the best strip clubs in the region. Patrons have enjoyed the two Kittens venues for quite a while, and the club has earned its reputation.

For a rowdy night of revelry, it’s one of the top choices in the state. Their widespread and trusted reputation makes Kittens an attractive choice for late-night partying for diverse groups of revelers. If you’re organizing a buck’s party, Kittens would be the ideal venue of choice.


There's no shortage of nightlife in the bustling city of Melbourne. If you’re looking for a hot new place to party, it’s the city for you. Whether you want to keep it on the chill side or go wild for the night, you can always find a club to suit your tastes. Consider some of the above locations and see which one you would visit first.

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