10 Best tips on how to use bathtubs more efficiently


You’ve purchased a Duravit bathtub and are looking forward to bathing in it and forgetting about your concerns. After a stressful, difficult day, you get back and seek ways to unwind, and the bathtub is right there, beckoning to you. While you go into your bathtub and unwind, here are some suggestions on how to make the most of your bathtub. The entire point of utilizing a bathtub is to develop a health zone in your house that you genuinely love. Therefore, let us look at the top 10 tips to use the bathtubs more efficiently.

Before you take a bath, clean your bathtub

The first step for using bathtubs more efficiently is to wash the bathtub. Cleaning the bathtub regularly protects you from any germs and other infections. You’ll want to make sure you’re not sitting in a filthy tub when you take that soothing bath. However, if the bathtub has just been cleaned, you must mop it up with a moist cloth to remove any filth or hair that has accumulated on the bottom.

It’s also a good idea to cleanse the bathtub after you’ve finished taking a bath, so there’s no soapy muck left behind. A clean bathtub enhances your experience and will allow you to have a calming effect.

Make an atmosphere

Your surroundings play an important role in providing you with a pleasant bath experience. Creating an atmosphere that comforts you and helps you to put your problems behind is a crucial bath tip in the process of completely understanding how to utilize Duravit  bathtubs properly. You would be enjoying a significant number of hours in your soothing bubble bath, so keep it as comfy as possible.

You might enhance your soothing bath experience by lighting fragrant candles for aromatherapy or playing songs that you prefer. You could bring reading material along if you enjoy reading and are still behind on your daily reading plan. 

Make an atmosphere

This bathtubs advice is for you when you’re seeking effective methods to utilize bathtubs. Pouring extra fragrant bath salts simply adds to the soothing experience. Bathtub basics like Epsom salts as well as therapeutic perfumes combine with the water, softening it and presenting you with nothing but an experience like no other. Bath bombs are also another name for these bathtub staples. Preparing a bath bomb yourself is simple and involves little effort. These are generally accessible at retail outlets.

Baths with bubbles

Adding bubbles into your bathtub may seem frivolous, but it is certainly the greatest bath idea on how to utilize bathtubs. A calming bubble bath additionally adds a pleasant and exciting aspect to your normal bathing routine.

Shower before and/or after your bath

Taking a bath after your bathtub experience is an important tip for making the most of your bathtub. When you wash before taking a bath, you enable your skin to exfoliate. In addition, taking a fast shower beforehand guarantees that you are cleaned.


After a bath, damp skin functions like a sponge, absorbing as much moisturizer as possible. This aids in the preservation of the texture and quality of your skin.

Clean your bathtub afterward

When you’re through with your soothing bath, empty the tub and let all of the water, shampoo, oil, as well as salts drain. This will ensure that you don’t have to clean your bathtub before using it, a quick mop will do it.

Using Disinfectants

One of the most important things that you should always keep in mind while utilizing a bathtub, is that you should always disinfect the bathtub. It will keep you safe from several kinds of germs and infections. Therefore, always remember to disinfect your bathtub on a regular basis.

Keeping it free from any electrical or semi-electrical appliances

One of the most important things you should keep in mind is that you should always remove all the electrical and semi-electrical appliances when you are in the bathtub. For example, external water heating appliances, or bubble generators.

Installing a geyser attachment

One of the best attachments that you should install to your bathtub is a geyser attachment. This helps you to use warm water inside the bathtub which gives you a refreshing experience. Installing a geyser attachment with your bathtub is very effective, and saves a lot of time, and is considered convenient. 


The minutes you spend in the bathtub sometimes, may be the only time you have to yourself without interruptions. The bath tips on using bathtubs efficiently are strongly suggested to guarantee that you enjoy the greatest and most holistic experience. Whenever it comes to bathroom upgrades, installing a bathtub is something you should never be hesitant about.

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