Signs Your Cat Has Separation Anxiety and How You Can Treat It


Cat with separation anxiety

Cats, just like humans, can have different personalities and characteristics that make them unique. It is possible in some cases, that the cat you have at home might go through separation anxiety. The absence of the owner may cause distress to your feline friend. Separation anxiety is common in orphaned cats who have been separated by a family associated with them in the past.



Following may be signs that indicate that your cat has separation anxiety.

·         Attempts to Escape

If you have been noticing your cat trying to escape the house, it can be a clear indication of separation anxiety.

·         Eating Habits

The sudden change in eating habits can be proof of separation anxiety. Cats tend to eat too fast or not eat at all when stressed or neglected.

·         Aggressive Behavior

If your cat starts to show unprovoked aggression and begins to groan, they are probably dealing with separation anxiety.

·         Excessive Meowing

If your cat starts meowing excessively, it may signify the animal is suffering from separation anxiety.

How to Treat Separation Anxiety?

Luckily, there are certain things that you can do to treat the separation anxiety in your beloved cat.

Following are some tips to improve your cat’s mood and help her out of the state.

·         Keep it Low-key

It would help if you tried keeping your arrivals and departures low-key. Doing so would help make your absence less noticeable and reduce separation anxiety in your cat.

·         Signs of Activity

It would be best if you adopted a habit of leaving the television on while leaving for work. It can help the cat relate the sounds on TV with your presence.

·         Attention

The lack of attention is one of the reasons why cats feel lonely and unloved. You can change that for your cat by getting them plenty of playtimes when you are home.

·         Toys

You can invest in small toys for your furball. Toys can help keep the cats occupied when you are not around.

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