Difference Between Traditional And Online Astrology

 Traditional astrology is sometimes regarded as a "development" of online astrology. This isn't correct. Vedic, Chinese, and Arabic astrology is similar to traditional occidental astrology. However, these astrologers differ significantly from current astrology, demonstrating how internet astrology is a product of the post-industrialization western worldview. It's a transformation, not a development, and it's a new organism, and we'll contrast the two below.

1 – Online astrology mainly exclusively focuses on Natal astrology.

Yes, I know current astrologers who have written works on mundane astrology or horary. However, if you search the internet for current astrologer in Canada, you will find few who employ mundane things. The cause will be explained further down. However, in online astrology, the gem of the eye is natal astrology, which is used to discuss a person's chart.

2- Each field of astrology in traditional astrology necessitates new skills.

Things are different in traditional astrology: there are multiple branches of astrology, none of which is more essential than the others. Although mundane is more complex than horary, each branch requires a unique set of skills and expertise.

3 – Traditional astrology emphasizes prediction, while online astrology emphasizes explanation.

You are not a typical astrologer if you do not use astrology to foresee events but to see what has already occurred. Instead, you are an online astrologer who employs certain ancient methods, but you are not a follower of tradition.

Many online astrologers believe that predicting the future is just incorrect, and that it is not a "noble" enough profession for astrologers to pursue. Online astrologers, on the other hand, prefer to concentrate on "explanation," interpreting external forces in terms of human emotions and perceptions.

4 – Traditional thinking separates things from people.

The 2nd house represents money in traditional astrology. It's your money, but it's been removed from you. It's not in your head; it's in your life, and we can see if money is positive or negative for you, if it comes quickly or with difficulty, and so on.

The 2nd house represents your financial perception in online astrology. It is how your money affects your emotional perception of money in your thoughts. It can assist you in reflecting on your attitude toward money. It makes no mention of your actual money or whether you have any to pay for the session. Only the psychological status of money is considered.

5- Bad things don't sit well with online astrology.

In general, online astrologers dislike the "negative" parts of traditional astrology, such as unfavourable planets, terrible houses, and so forth. They are often regarded as "non-enlightenment" products. As a result, the planet Mars, which had previously been associated with harsh concepts such as violence, fire, divorce, and conflict, has been renamed "energy."

6- In online astrology, accidental significators are rarely used.

Online astrology mainly uses the planets' essential meanings, such as mercury for thinking, mars for "energy," and Venus for love.

The most important feature in traditional astrology is the blend of essential meanings (venus as love) and accidental connotations (venus the ruler of the sixth house, meaning disease). As a result of this reality, online astrologers rarely estimate a house's strength or weakness based on the master of that house.

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7 – The judgement always comes through the outer planets in online astrology.

Some astrologers argued that current astrology needs to be more accurate than traditional astrology because only 70% of the planets were recognized in the past. This is false because it ignores the fact that current and old procedures are vastly different in this regard.

In online astrology, all delineations must pass through the outer planets. I've seen astrologers completely disregard a partile cross of Mercury to Saturn in favour of biquintiles to Pluto.

8 – Online astrology relies on non-astrological assumptions as intellectual foundations.

Online astrologers believe it is critical that astrology be regarded as "scientific," and many believe that science will ultimately admit that astrology is a science with the same merits as other sciences in the near future.

Most current astrologer reject or are unaware of astrology's basic principles (hermeticism, platonism, etc.) and their spiritual (magical) perspective of the universe, opting instead for more conventional views.


Regardless of the variations between these two styles of astrology, they are both used to foresee the nature, character, or events that may occur in a person's life. It is suggested that astrological principles be considered at critical life events in order to avoid mishaps and live a calm existence. If you're looking for "astrologer in Toronto", you have arrived at the right page.

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