Getting started with the Custom Packaging

Gone are the days when you could just throw some items in a post office box and call it a day. Put some care into the physical box you use to package your product. You only have one chance to make a positive first impression. Don't pass up this chance. Making a memorable brand experience is especially critical for one key demographic: millennial. Millennial currently account for approximately 25% of the US population and have an annual purchasing power of more than $1.3 trillion. When it comes to purchase decisions, millennial prioritize feeling a connection with a brand. Unique packaging is an excellent method to impress and delight your customers right away. When done correctly, you'll boost brand loyalty and sales by increasing brand visibility through social sharing. It all starts with deciding what kind of outer shipment box you require. Boxes come in a variety of shapes, colors, materials, and sizes, but the most popular are cardboard and corrugated rectangle boxes, which are both robust and economical. There are two sorts of Customize Packaging to consider when it comes to packaging design or box design: fully bespoke boxes and printed stock boxes.

Are Custom Packaging Boxes really that Important?

Over 90,000 people search YouTube every month for "unboxing" videos. On Twitter and Instagram, look for the #unboxing hashtag. People enjoy seeing others remove stuff from boxes. If the packaging brings a smile to your face, it becomes a part of the story. You can turn any delivery into Christmas morning with a unique box. Packaging is noticed by customers. According to a recent survey, 39% of shoppers frequently purchase a product because of new or unusual packaging. Packaging qualities have an impact on the value of a brand, according to 80 percent of brand owners. Custom packaging encourages customers to interact with you. Custom packaging design is important to premium shoppers who spend $200 or more per month. Product packaging is one of the few possible interaction points for DNVBs and established brands' e-commerce channels. Create a moment of truth with the buyer in the initial few seconds. Branded packaging is a great method to keep customers interested.

3 Crucial Questions

  • What Exactly is the Item?

This isn't a trick question; the answer should be straightforward. What exactly are you trying to sell? What is the size of it? What materials were used in its construction? Is it delicate? This question will assist you in determining whether or not your product packaging has any logistical needs. For example, a sensitive product will require more secure packaging. For something large or with odd proportions, a custom packaging solution rather than an off-the-shelf box may be necessary.

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  • Who's going to buy the Product?

Is this a product for males, women, or both? Is it designed for kids or adults? Is it directed at those who care about the environment? To those who have a tight budget or a significant sum of money? The packaging of a product should appeal to its ideal customer; determining who that customer is before beginning the design process is critical. Larger text may be required for products marketed towards the elderly. Materials that generate a sense of luxury will be required for affluent-targeted objects, on the other hand.

  • How are Customers Purchasing the Product?

Is it something they get at the store? A little shop front? Online? If the product will be sold online and shipped, it will need to be packaged differently than if it will be displayed on a big-box store shelf. Items that will be sold online should not have a lot of extra space because this could cause the object to rattle or flex. Those that will be displayed on a boutique shelf must stand out among the charming packaging and appealing items.


The packaging of your product is just as important as the product itself. The good news is that creating personalized packaging is not difficult. In its most basic form, custom packaging refers to cartons, flexible pouches, and other items for your goods that are totally consistent with your brand. Consider ordering glasses from a brand you've never heard of before. The set is delivered after the mailman rings the doorbell. It's well-packaged and elegant, much like the website's glasses. You're impressed with the brand even before you see the goods, and that's exactly how bespoke packaging can help you make a strong first impression.

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