What are jackpots in online casinos?

What are jackpots in online casinos?

Some people call the jackpot the largest winnings possible. To be precise, this is the definition of a fixed jackpot. That is, the maximum limit, which can be seen in the payout table. Its value never changes, so it is called a fixed jackpot.

However, this term for the most part refers to the cumulative/progressive jackpot in a casino. Its value is constantly growing due to players' bets. A portion of the amount players spend accumulates and ends up with a small, medium or giant prize pool. It keeps growing until someone rips it off.

Recently, however, another category of online casino progressive jackpots has appeared - guaranteed jackpots. They have their own maximum, upon reaching which they will definitely be snapped. Nevertheless, there is a chance to win them during the whole period, just as the limit is approached, the players' chances increase.

Nowadays every institution tries to provide as wide a choice of slots as possible. Among the hundreds of options, as a rule, there are at least a few slot machines with a cumulative jackpot. On some sites, you have to look for them among the regular slots, while other operators have them in a separate category, and they are easy to find.

Depending on how much you're aiming for, you'll need to look for progressive slot machines from different developers. The largest and most popular jackpots in online casinos are offered by Microgaming and NetEnt.

Play free slot machines with jackpot

Casino jackpot review full guide at Fairspin can also be played for free. It's just logical that you can't win anything. But it's worth checking out what these slots are and whether you'll like them, too. After all, the chances of hitting the jackpot are small, especially when it comes to large sums. So, you should be interested just to play these slots.

Minimum bets in jackpot machines

It should also be noted that in some cases you will need to make maximum bets or bets above a certain value in order to qualify for the jackpot draw. Otherwise, even if you get the combination you want, you will not be awarded a prize, but the standard payout for the combination.

How much can I win in a jackpot game?

The amounts can be very different. Break the minimum - also not bad luck, because such cumulative prizes do not go to everyone.

The odds of winning correspond to the size of the winnings. So sometimes it is better to choose a smaller target than to chase the phantom millions. After all, this game can drag on for a long time and require a significant investment, especially if there are minimum wager requirements.

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