Bringing the World Together with Accessibility for All – accessiBe


Accessibility is an important topic that is being discussed much more recently. People are starting to pay more attention to the fact that those living with a disability are often left behind or left out purely because of their disability. And there are many individuals, and companies like accessiBe, that are challenging this. They are making a change and working hard to ensure that disabled people are able to enjoy the same things as everyone else to the greatest extent possible. As they push for more for the disabled, even governments have paid attention. As a result, it is now a legal requirement in most countries to have things in place to help those who are living with disabilities.

There are estimated to be well over one billion people in the world living with a disability. Each of those individuals is living a unique experience with their own personal needs and requirements. So understandably, these laws have a lot to cover. For someone designing, building or owning a building, there will be requirements around making sure a person living with a disability has access to all the facilities they may need. This could include ramp access into the building, elevators to every level, wider door access, automatic doors, the list goes on. We see evidence of consideration for the disabled community whenever we go outside.

But what about if we stay inside? What if we are sat at our desk, working at home, or even sat all cosy in our favourite chair, and we want to look on the internet? I am sure you likely underestimate just how much you access the internet each and every day. We use it for everything. As we have already said, we use it for work. But we use it for so much more. We can access any information within seconds. We can be transported to anywhere we want in the world, take visual tours of some far-off city; we can book holidays and trips; we can buy any item we want; we can keep right up to date with the latest news. And yet for some, it is not that simple. They may struggle to navigate certain websites when accessibility hasn’t been taken into account.

As we said earlier, there are those who are challenging this and there is software available that can be added to your website that will search through and detect any issues with accessibility and fix those issues for you. This is a cheap and quick way to do your part in bringing the world together with accessibility for all.