Four Tips for Improving Multi-Tier Construction Labour Management

Business owners must work day and night to compete with other companies. Construction labour management has been deemed difficult by many project managers. A multi-tier construction project involves coordinating specialty services. When will supplies be delivered to the job site? Are the sub-contractor agreements finalized? How many men are required to effectively complete each task? Is the project going to meet the deadline? How will the customer be updated and by whom? Effective labour management is tricky. Easy-to-use construction job costing software and open communication are simple ways to improve construction labour management. Here are four tips that will quickly improve construction labour management on all levels.

1. Communication and Teamwork

Transparent communication is vital to a successful business. Whether you are building homes, manufacturing car parts, or selling beauty products, every business requires an open and honest communication flow among management and employees. Employees that feel undervalued or not heard will quit. The number one reason why employees leave a company is because of poor management. Employees that do not feel satisfied in the workplace will be less productive than satisfied employees. A high turnover rate is detrimental to business operations. Every employee must be vetted, interviewed, onboarded, and trained. It costs a lot of money to train employees. Everyone on the team from lower-level to management can contribute insights to help your workforce run smoothly. You can boost teamwork and collaborative efforts by delegating roles, creating a positive atmosphere, and implementing regular team meetings.

2. Workforce Management Software

In 2022, your construction company must have excellent construction job costing software such as Jonas Premier. Construction costing software will track the progress of your multi-tier construction project. It will notify you if the project is projected to exceed the budget. It accurately reports construction project costs including labour, materials, and overhead. Financial management software simplifies the process and provides real-time data. It can help management make better-informed decisions to ensure profitability. The market rate for labour and supplies is ever-changing. It can be difficult to keep up with the budget manually. Construction costing software will provide detailed line item reports you can utilize to adjust estimates. The best software can also be set to notify customers when each stage of the project has been completed. Costing software is adaptable to the needs of your customer and your business. You can use the software to cut unnecessary costs which will save your business time and money.

3. Health and Safety

According to OHS Canada, over 40 thousand workers are hurt each year while on the job. Poor lighting, slippery floors, messy job sites, and lack of extra safety precautions account for the majority of injuries. When employees are injured on the clock, it is very costly for the company. The company loses a valued employee while they recover and must pay worker’s compensation. Labour managers must promote a healthy and safe work environment to prevent workplace injuries. A good job costing software can help identify trends associated with workplace injuries in your company. For example, are workers exhausted from working overtime? Job costing software can alert management when labourers are working excessive hours that may lead to exhaustion, underperformance, and dangerous accidents.

4. Identify, Address, and Resolve Underperformance

It is not fun to address underperforming employees. However, this is a crucial part of management. Job costing software will track labour hours as well as production. If you notice an employee is working more hours than most employees and producing less, it must be quickly addressed. An employee may be underperforming due to incompetence, laziness, or an overall lack of work ethic. On the other hand, the employee may not have received as much training as other employees. They may not have been provided with any opportunity for growth and encouragement. If they are overworked, exhaustion can cause an employee to underperform. Costing software can help you identify and address underperformance issues. It may also help you to identify the root cause of low-performing employees.

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