What Type of Compensation can You Be Entitled to After a Serious Accident in Boston?


If you were injured in Boston, there are several different types of compensation that you may be entitled to. The type of compensation that is right for you depends largely on the severity and duration of your injury. Some injuries might only last a few days while others may cause lifelong effects.

A personal injury attorney Boston can help determine if you are entitled to compensation for any permanent injuries, including lost wages and medical expenses. Depending on the nature and severity of your injury, you could be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, lost income, rehabilitative services, or even punitive damages. 

Let us now see into different types of compensation you can be entitled to after a serious accident in Boston.

  1. All medical expenses

Following a serious accident in Boston, it is likely that you will incur a lot of expenses for medical care. You may also be unable to return to work for some time, which means that you will need to get your bills paid.  Your insurance company is required by law to cover all reasonable and necessary medical costs. 

  1. Lost wages and earning potential

If you were injured in a serious car crash in Boston, you may not be able to return to work for some time.  In this case, the measure of compensation is likely going to be the amount of money that you would have earned if you had been able to work. The amount of your lost wages will also include any bonuses or other forms of additional payments that you would have received.

  1. Pain and suffering

If you were injured in a serious car crash in Boston, then you will almost certainly suffer from some kind of pain and suffering. This type of compensation does not relate to the actual expenses you incurred but instead relates to your suffering.  Money can never bring back your loved one or restore your health, but it can help you and your family cope with the pain that you are experiencing.

  1. Permanent scarring and long-term disability

In some cases, the consequences of a serious accident in Boston can last for years.  If you have sustained a permanent disability or disfigurement as a result of an accident, then you may be entitled to compensation. This compensation is usually related to the effect that your disability has on your life and your ability to earn money.

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