Easiest Way To Login For Wavlink Router Setup

Easiest Way To Login For Wavlink Router Setup

Are you curious for the details of the wavlink router setup? If ‘Yes’, you must first log into the wavlink router. After login, you can quickly or easily do the configuration of the wavlink router. The below-mentioned guide helps you in this process. 

How To Login In Wavlink Router

These are the few steps by which you can easily login into the wavlink router. 

Note: Make sure that your WiFi device must be linked to the router. You can connect your device via wired or wirelessly to a router. 

  • First, you will require to obtain an IP address automatically on your computer, laptop, smartphone, etc. for the configuration of IP protocols. 

  • Now, join your laptop to the router via ethernet cable. 

  • After that, launch any type of web browser such as firefox, safari, etc. 

  • Enter the IP address wavlink router login portal in the URL bar of a web browser. 

  • Now, fill username and password and tap on login. 

After login, now you will need to do the setup of the wavlink router. If you don’t know how to do a configuration of the wavlink router then follow the below-mentioned steps. 

Configuration Steps of Wavlink Router

Note: Prior to doing the configuration step of the wavlink router, first you will get knowledge about the LED light status of the router. 

  • LED Light of WiFi- If the LED light of WiFi blinks solid then it means your device is working successfully without any trouble. If the WiFi LED light is off then it means your device does not work properly as it should. 

  • LED Light of WAN- If the LED light of WAN glows solid then it means the WAN port is attached successfully. But if the LED light of the WAN is off then it means the WAN port is not connecting perfectly. 

  • LED Light of LAN- If the LED light of LAN1/2 blinking then it means your LAN port catches the data. But if the LED light of LAN3/4 is off then it means it does not work perfectly.

  • LED Light of Power- If the power LED light is solid it means the power of the wavlink router is on but if the power LED is off then it also means the power is off. 

Note: Now, you will know how to do the setup of the wavlink router.

  • First, you will need to join the wavlink router WAN port to the internet. After this, put the plug of the wavlink router into the power socket. 

  • Now, power on your WiFi and look for the SSID name. Then try to link it again. After a few minutes, it will start the configuration very simple. 

  • In this, you will require to attach an ethernet cable to a router and your laptop. 

  • Now, open a browser on your WiFi gadget such as safari, firefox, etc. and go to URB box, and type wifi.wavlink.com 

  • In addition, fill the default password which is admin. 

  • After this, pick the nation and time for network protection. We suggest you set a new WiFi login security password. 

  • After that step, you can follow the on-screen instructions step by step. 

  • Now, wait for a while as the setup process is about to be completely done. 

 Note: If the router connection is not stable after the wavlink router setup then you will require to update the firmware of your router. If you don’t know how to update the firmware of the router then consider these few steps. 

Upgrade Router Software

  • First, go to the official website of the wavlink router.

  • Now, install and update the new version of the software. 

  • After that save the downloaded firmware file on your computer or laptop. 

  • For your WiFi gadget go to the web interface. 

  • Now, tap on the folder of a software upgrade to upload it. 

  • Now, allow your router to carry out new changes. 

  • Reboot both the router and modem to check the updates. 

Note: Once you have done all these steps the firmware of the wavlink WiFi router is successfully done. 

In Short…

In this post, you get the knowledge of about the configuration method of wavlink iFi router and firmware upgradation as well. We hope software upgradation will help you to resolve the setup issue. Stick around near this post for more upodates. 


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