The Best PDF Annotator for Annotating Important Documents

The Best PDF Annotator for Annotating Important Documents

Annotation is needed when you feel something is missing in the document or a few lines need more focus. Through the annotating tools, you can add supporting text to the document in the form of sticky notes or text boxes. Moreover, you can highlight or underline those parts of the file which require more attention.

However annotating a Word or PowerPoint file is easy, but things get complicated when dealing with PDF files. For your ease, in this article, we will talk about the globe's best PDF annotator that can annotate PDF very professionally without compromising its data quality.

Part 1: Overview of the Best PDF Annotator for Students and Professionals  

UPDF is a PDF annotator with a beginner-friendly interface. This tool is used by more than 1 Million people worldwide and is gaining popularity in different industries. Whether you are checking students' assignments or writing a new storybook, you can use this best PDF annotator to make annotations. Students are also welcome to take advantage to excel in their studies. 

Features of Best PDF Annotator - UPDF

The annotating feature of UPDF doesn't consist of a few options like most other annotating tools do. It is the magic box that allows users to add comments, text markups, and much more. If you want to learn about each feature of this best PDF annotator, then continue reading:

1. Add Comments

Teachers can add a comment to the student's test papers in multiple forms like text boxes, text comments, or text callouts. It is also possible to resize the comment and change its position. The text style, color, and font can be adjusted in no time. Moreover, the comment list can be easily managed, and the wrong-added comment can be deleted with a single click. 

2. Add Text Markups

Students can also highlight the important points in the e-book and strikethrough unimportant lines in different colors. This best PDF annotator also provides the option of underlining, which can grab the reader's attention. The squiggly line feature can be used if you find a spelling mistake in the PDF text. 

3. Add Stickers and Stamps

If you are making notes for young students, try the UPDF eye-catching stickers collection. These stickers will increase the engagement of students. Moreover, you can go for the stamps library of this tool to give your PDF a professional look. Custom stamps can also be made if you want to personalize your PDF.

4. Add Drawings and Shapes

Graphic designers can use the drawing feature of this best PDF annotator tool to make extraordinary designs in the PDF. The pencil and eraser provided can help you draw different illustrations and remove the incorrectly drawn shapes. If you are not great at drawing, try shapes like arrows, rectangular, or circles of UPDF.


Part 2: How to Annotate a Document for Enhancing Readability 

The features stated above are enough to annotate any documents. Now, let's see how you can annotate a PDF document by using UPDF:

Step 1: Access the Comment Tool

Open UPDF on your device and go to the "Open File" feature. A window will appear from which you have to select your PDF file. Select the file, and then hit the "Open" button. After opening the PDF, select the "Comment" icon present in the left toolbar.

Step 2: Add Text Markups

Following this, a comment mode toolbar will appear on your screen. The first four icons, such as "Highlight," "Strikethrough," "Underline," and "Squiggly,"' are used as text markups. You have to select the tool, choose the color, and drag the cursor to the part where you want to add it.

Step 3: Add Necessary Comments

The "Text Comment," "Text Box," and "Sticky Note" are used for adding comments. Select the preferred feature from the comment tool navigation bar and take the cursor to the area where you prefer to attach the comment. Write the text in the box and adjust its text style, font, size, and color.

Step 4: Use Stickers and Shapes

Go to the "Sticker" tool and select the sticker and take the cursor to any part to add the sticker. You can also adjust the size of the sticker by dragging its corners. For adding shapes, select the "Shape" feature and then choose any shape. Place the shape anywhere in the PDF. 

Click on the shape and then tap on its properties. From here, you can change the shape's border color, fill color, opacity, and thickness. 


Step 5: Save the Annotated PDF

After adding the required annotations, go to the "File" tab from the menu bar and hit the "Save As" option. A window will appear, add the file name and click the "Save" button.  

Part 3: Comparison of UPDF and Adobe Acrobat - Which One is The Best PDF Annotators of 2023

Adobe Acrobat also has a PDF annotating feature, but many students and professionals still prefer UPDF over it. There are a lot of reasons why UPDF is the best PDF annotator; however, the major ones are discussed below:

1. Full of Features

UPDF has more features in its premium version than the Pro version of Adobe Acrobat. You cannot add stickers to the PDF file on Adobe Acrobat, while UPDF provides an entire pack of beautiful stickers. Moreover, the former doesn't allow making a slideshow of PDF and converting PDF to GIF format, which UPDF quickly does.

2. Blazing Fast Speed

UPDF works at ultra-fast speed because it holds no glitches in its software. It is impossible to encounter any lag while switching from one feature to another, which is possible in the case of Adobe Acrobat. Moreover, you can work on more than one PDF simultaneously at an amazing speed.

3. User-Friendly Interface

The interface of UPDF is delightful and eye-catching. Colorful icons of each feature are quite engaging, which makes the user's work more pleasant. However, Adobe Acrobat has a dull and outdated interface with less variety of colorful icons. Also, the features of UPDF are well organized compared to Adobe Acrobat.

4. Affordable Price

If you want the best PDF annotator at a reasonable price, then go for UPDF. The annual charges of Adobe Acrobat Pro are US$239.88/year which is a huge amount for students and low businesspeople. Moreover, you only have to buy a single license of UPDF to run on multiple platforms. 



In short, UPDF is the world's best PDF annotator that can add comments and text markups in different styles and colors. You can amazingly enhance the beauty of your e-book by using the attention-grabbing sticker collection of UPDF. Designers can draw mesmerizing illustrations in different colors and sizes. Thus, download UPDF now to annotate your document professionally.