Facing Wavlink Setup Issues? Use These Steps To Troubleshoot

Facing Wavlink Setup Issues? Use These Steps To Troubleshoot

Wavlink Internet issues keep you disconnecting from the internet? We have heard the same from many users. You do not need to worry as we are up with a lot of solutions. 

Troubleshooting Tips To Consider

There could be some errors like wavlink does not work, the login IP address might not be functioning, or the site not being available. No issues follow the wavlink router setup.

  • First, check properly whether the WiFi networks you are using are the same WiFi networks.

  • Therefore, you can access the device by reaching the AP, set up the page, and do not forget to write everything in the proper order.

  • Lastly, just verify that your antivirus software is not blocking the URL of the Extender on your Laptop or your PC.  

Pros of Using Access Point Mode

  • Make sure to see the signal strength of your WiFi Extender while placing it at any location. So that you do not need to face any obstacles.

  • The access point creates its own traffic when it is connected to an extender by an ethernet cable. As it helps the router to maximize the signal speed and connection as well.  

  • The best places to locate the WiFi extender and router are where there are fewer physical obstacles. However, small distances are issued when establishing stable Wi-Fi connections.

Cons Of Using Access Point Mode

  • The range of the Wi-Fi extender can face limitations because of a cable connection.

  • Make sure of using more internal speed, like up to 1 Gbps, you can use Cat5 to maximize the internet speed.

  • To achieve the highest speed you might need a Cat6 cable to make  almost 1 GBPS or higher internet speeds.

How to Use Search Bar

If you are entering the wavlink router password in the search bar of the existing web browser to reach the Wavlink setup. Then, we must tell you we won't be able to reach it. As to detain that perpetually enter Wavlink native within the internet address bar. 

Avoid Thick Walls

Signals may take some time to pass through the thick walls. So, keep the extender far from the thick concrete walls as thick walls could block the WLAN signals. As a result, you must modify the situation of the extender. 

Restart The Extender

To begin the process, plug in your extender and follow the setup instructions. After doing the above process check the connection of the networks. Then, you can check the software of the extender to see the signal strength.

When you are not up with a solid connection with your original wifi network, then the network's speed would not be so good. Therefore, it confirms that there is not a single issue.

Consider changing the name or the names of your extended network through wavlink router login. To match your pre-existing network with the help of an extender and router setup.

Change The Location

Place your wifi Extender at the central location of your home which is nearest to your router to easily get the strongest signals. As, when the extender is far away from the router, the extender will create a problem regarding the speed.

When your router is in one location and you want to set up your extender in another house or on the floor by the various walls then it will create a mesh network which gives the network problem.

Connect Your Extender With Router

To start the Wavlink router setup you will need to consult the manual. At the top of the topic, the manufacturer gives you a website to set up the wifi extender through the initial process.

It will depend on your router and the extender. So keep in mind that you must be able to press the WPS button on your router to connect the extender to the router. There will be a chance for your extender to have the software which will help in setting up your device.

Use Different Frequency Devices

You must know some basic information regarding the router to observe the extender software. Behind the network name and password, you must know what is the frequency of your router broadcast. Modern routers provide 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

In addition to that by default, a dual-band router will usually give frequencies in the form of wireless networks. You must go to wifi.wavlink.com login and follow the instructions step by step.

We hope the tips we are giving here come to your use. As the steps are not that tough. So patiently follow one after the other. 

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